Many people lack opportunities to participate in art programs which connect their lives to a bigger group of like minded people. Notably, there are numerous people who are isolated but eager to learn and spend time with art. Art programs, especially short courses, can offer people different ways to actively engage in the creative process.

Therefore, this academy mainly focuses on the short span art projects for underprivileged people who have limited opportunities to enjoy art experiences in their daily life, and the meanings and roles of arts and art educational programs for diverse groups of people.

zaad’s unique approach to arts education measurably improves academic and personal outcomes for children and youth, including those students with Limited Education .

At  ZAAD, we teach our students that there are no mistakes in art, only endless possibilities for them to

explore, create, and inspire.


Our mission is to engage young people specially females in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident and collaborative individuals. 


We believe that the arts and creativity are transformational. ZAAD envisions a society that honors the human capacity for creativity, and values its cultivation in the education of young people specially females. 

Chairman (Honorary)

Prof Dr Ajaz Anwar

Ajaz Anwar is a distinguished painter of Pakistan. He was a teacher at National College of Arts Lahore. His water colour paintings show the grandeur of the old buildings and the cultural life in Lahore. Born in Ludhiana in 1946, his father was a cartoonist. After obtaining his M.A. in Fine Arts and a Gold medal in 1967, he completed his Ph.D in Muslim architecture.

Principal Artist

Zeb Un Nisa​

Zeb-un-nisa is rising up for the revival of truly modern stained art paintings in Pakistan. She works in a vibrant variety of stained glass art, carrying combination of the symbols of long-standing Pakistani tradition with an innovative collection of colors and forms. Her work is a blend of the nature’s beauty, the old and modern traditional touch of culture and the decorative mystic elegance.

In subtly varied compositions, precise calligraphy and often freshly daring natural colors, she creates works of the finest aesthetic harmonies and formal perfection by making wonderful use of color and her whimsical style.

In her previous displays she has attracted a large number of audience and artist community. Her work has been promoted and recognized by Alhamra arts council Lahore, PILAC and many other organizations.

Project Manager

Nisa Mirza

A foreign qualified CPD (Continuing Professional Development) expert, dedicated HR- training & development professional focusing on enhancing the technical, environmental and social systems in educational organizations to foster business and individual growth.

  • Over fifteen years of diversified experience in the field of Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Business Intelligence, I have had an opportunity to work not only in the Private sector but also in Consulting as well as public sector organizations of medium to large scale such as Academia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Designing and implementation of systems and procedures related to HRD.
  • MBA in General management with strong Information Technology (IT) back up in Internet technologies and computing sciences. Have extensive international and domestic working experience in administration, corporate management and business development in the field of IT and Human Resource Development.
  • Have expertise in E-Commerce, HRM (Training &Development) and IT Management.
  • Hands-on experience in establishing and managing new development and education projects
  • Formulating and implementing policies, identifying and developing strategic planning, building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders.
  • Advanced computer proficiency in Microsoft Office, website suability and Internet applications.
  • Self-motivated with strong communication and negotiation skills. Having interpersonal problem solving, leadership, and coaching skills.
  • Strong ability to manage teams and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Secured scholarships of merit form University of Bedfordshire UK and Griffith College Dublin.
  • Have worked as volunteer for British Heart Foundation, Luton (UK), Asian Women Resource Centre, and CARE UK as mentor in London.
  • Traveled domestic and internationally for student’s recruitment for higher education and research in British Universities as well as Universities in Middle East, Far East, and Eu


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