Our Courses:

The courses are offered in quarterly basis. Each quarter of the year will bring new additions apart from the preset course. This quarter of this year is all about art courses. During next quarter we will offer various  design courses

What is special about ZAAD?

For anyone looking to become an artist, basic drawing skills are considered essential.
This introduction to drawing and painting course will challenge your senses and develop your drawing and shading skills.
At ZAAD Students will be exploring new techniques, using various media, and encouraged to express their unique creativity throughout their learning process.

We offer:

  • Class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout.
  • Instruction in a supportive and inspirational environment.
  • Congenial atmosphere for practice.
  • Basic toolkit will be provided to all learners.
  • Variety of instructional experts .
  • Element of innovative tasks will be part of every trade.

Learning Levels

Beginners Level

* Foundational knowledge of drawing and painting in watercolor , acrylic or relevant trade .
* Various Techniques in brushwork.
* Colour composition ,mixing and applying paint.
* Basics of pictorial composition and color theory.
* At the end of session, the innovative task will be displayed for public viewing.

Advance Level

* Designed for those who have taken Beginners’ level and want to take their skills to the next level.
* Class will expand upon the use of refining technique and introducing the use of different materials.
* Topics include perspective and composition as well as the fundamentals of learning how to see.
* Special classes will be devoted to enhance the skills by supervised practice.
* This class will also incorporate portrait development.
* At the end of session, the innovative task will be displayed for public viewing.

Career Path

As an artist, you have variety of option for career paths as:


Visual Artist

Painting course instructor

Interior design consultant